100 Affordable Summer Activities for Kids

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summer activities for kids

As the warm sun starts to shine and school days come to an end, it’s time to embrace the excitement and joy that summer brings. For parents, this season is all about creating unforgettable memories with their children. But how can you ensure your kids have a fantastic summer without emptying your wallet? The answer lies in discovering a variety of summer activities for kids that are both fun and budget-friendly.

Summer activities for kids don’t have to be expensive to be enjoyable. In fact, some of the best memories are made with simple, creative, and free activities that the whole family can enjoy. From outdoor adventures to indoor crafts, there’s a plethora of options that cater to all interests and age groups. Whether it’s a day at the local park, a backyard camping adventure, or a DIY arts and crafts session, the possibilities are endless.

Planning your summer activities for kids doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Start by involving your children in the planning process. Sit down as a family and brainstorm a list of activities everyone is excited about. This not only helps in building anticipation but also ensures that everyone has something to look forward to. Aim to balance big, exciting outings with smaller, everyday adventures to keep the summer dynamic and engaging.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 100 summer activities for kids that are sure to keep them entertained all season long. These activities are designed to inspire creativity, encourage physical activity, and most importantly, foster quality family time. So, get ready to dive into a summer filled with laughter, exploration, and endless fun. Let’s make this summer one to remember!

100 Summer Activities for Kids:

Summer Activities for Kids That Are Fun, Cheap, or Free

If you’re looking for something out-of-the-box to do to entertain your kids, this list of summer activities for kids is for you!

  1. Go for a Nature Walk: Explore the great outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.
  2. Set Up an Obstacle Course: Use household items to create a fun and challenging course.
  3. Visit the Fire Station: Many fire stations offer tours that are both educational and exciting.
  4. Make Microwave S’mores: Enjoy this classic treat with a modern twist.
  5. Make a Painter’s Tape Race Track: Turn your living room floor into a race track for toy cars.
  6. Visit the Library: Spend time reading and exploring new books.
  7. Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items for your kids to find around the house or yard.
  8. Visit an Aquarium: Discover the wonders of marine life.
  9. Pool Day: Whether it’s a local pool or a backyard inflatable, swimming is always a hit.
  10. Visit a Local Farm: Learn about animals and agriculture firsthand.
  11. Go Hiking: Find a local trail and enjoy a hike with beautiful scenery.
  12. Fly a Kite: A windy day is perfect for this timeless activity.
  13. Make a DIY Craft: Get creative with some arts and crafts time.
  14. Finger Paint with Pudding: For a fun twist, use pudding as finger paint. Alternatively, you can use regular finger paint if you prefer.

These summer activities for kids are designed to be easy, affordable, and most importantly, fun. They will help keep your children entertained and active throughout the summer without breaking the bank.

Fun Summer Activities Kids Can Do on Their Own

We all want to have a list of summer activities for kids that they can handle with zero supervision. This is that list!

  1. Build with Legos: Encourage creativity and problem-solving.
  2. Make Marshmallow and Toothpick Houses: A fun and tasty engineering challenge.
  3. Play Hide and Seek: A classic game that never gets old.
  4. Make Paper Airplanes: Have a contest to see whose flies the farthest.
  5. Jump on the Trampoline
  6. Write a Story: Spark their imagination with some creative writing.
  7. Stack Cups Game: See how high they can stack them or play speed stacking.
  8. Watch Learn-to-Draw Videos: Perfect for budding artists.
  9. Play Simon Says: A fun game that also helps with listening skills.
  10. Have a Staring Contest: Simple, fun, and can lead to lots of giggles.
  11. Play Would You Rather: A fun way to learn about each other’s preferences.
  12. Hula Hoop: Great for exercise and fun.
  13. Play Hopscotch: A classic outdoor game.
  14. Blow Bubbles: Set up a bubble refill station for hours of fun with less mess.
  15. Put on a Fashion Show: Let them mix and match outfits for a fun runway experience.
  16. DIY Tic-Tac-Toe: Create a game board and pieces for endless fun.

These self-guided summer activities for kids are perfect for keeping them entertained while you get a break. They encourage independence, creativity, and active play, ensuring that your children have a fun and engaging summer.

Summer Activities Kids Can Do When They’re Bored

This is an awesome list of summer activities for kids that you can give them when they’re complaining about boredom. And if none of these activities float their boat, you can always hand them a broom, mop, or vacuum and set them to work. 😉

  1. Walk a Neighbor’s Dog: A great way to get some exercise and fresh air.
  2. Make a Blanket Fort: Perfect for imaginative play and cozy reading nooks.
  3. Do a Puzzle
  4. Make Paper Bag Puppets: A fun and creative craft activity.
  5. Get Creative with Duct Tape Arts and Crafts: Endless possibilities with colorful duct tape.
  6. Watch a How-To YouTube Video: Learn something new with countless tutorials available.
  7. Visit a Friend: Encourage social interaction and playdates.
  8. Sidewalk Chalk Art
  9. Water Activities in the Backyard: Set up a sprinkler or water balloons for a cool time.
  10. Play a Card Game: Classic and fun, perfect for rainy days.
  11. YouTube Karaoke: Sing along to favorite songs and have a blast.
  12. Write Letters to Family: A great way to practice writing and connect with loved ones.
  13. Jump Rope Games: Fun and excellent for physical activity.
  14. Dance Party: Turn up the music and dance the boredom away.
  15. Play an Instrument: Encourage musical creativity and practice.
  16. Make Fruity Popsicles: A delicious and refreshing summer treat.

These summer activities for kids are perfect to keep them engaged and entertained. Whether they prefer creative crafts, outdoor fun, or learning new skills, there’s something for every child on this list.

Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Some of these fun summer activities for kids might need a little more parent involvement, but the kids will still love every minute of these once you get them set up!

  1. Go Mini Golfing: A fun and challenging activity for the whole family.
  2. Ride a Train: An exciting adventure that kids will remember.
  3. Go on a Bike Ride: Enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise.
  4. Make Homemade Ice Cream: A delicious and interactive treat.
  5. Freeze Toys in Water: A fun way to cool off and engage in sensory play.
  6. Build a Cardboard Box Castle: Encourage creativity and teamwork.
  7. Head to the Park: A classic outing with endless possibilities.
  8. Put on a Skit: Foster imagination and performance skills.
  9. Water Balloon Fight
  10. Have a Picnic
  11. Pillow Fight: A fun and energetic indoor activity.
  12. Play Charades: A great game for laughter and creativity.
  13. Homemade Playdough
  14. Shaving Cream Table Art: Messy, creative, and loads of fun.
  15. Paint Rocks: Simple and artistic outdoor fun.
  16. Create Sock Puppets: A crafty way to spend an afternoon.

These summer activities for kids are sure to keep them entertained and engaged. Whether it’s a creative craft, an outdoor adventure, or a fun family game, these activities will create lasting memories and plenty of smiles.

Summer Activities for the Family

If you’re looking for ideas that you can schedule on the calendar and plan out in advance, these are some of our favorite summer activities for kids and the entire family to enjoy together.

  1. Go to the Dollar Theatre: Affordable movie outings for the whole family.
  2. Try Out Geocaching: An adventurous treasure hunt that everyone can participate in.
  3. Enjoy a Beach or Lake Day: Perfect for swimming, building sandcastles, and picnicking.
  4. Plan a Day Trip: Explore nearby attractions or new towns.
  5. Visit the Zoo: A fun and educational outing for all ages.
  6. Go Fishing or Camping: Enjoy nature and bond over outdoor activities.
  7. Check Out a State or County Fair: Experience rides, games, and fair food.
  8. Have a Family Movie Night: Create a cozy movie marathon at home.
  9. Host a BBQ: Gather friends and family for a delicious outdoor meal.
  10. Play Some Minute to Win It Games
  11. Volunteer in the Community: Teach kids the importance of giving back.
  12. Go to a Sports Event: Cheer for your favorite team together.
  13. Host a Talent Show: Let everyone showcase their unique skills.
  14. Bake Cookies:

Fun Summer Activities for All Ages

Big or small – this is such a fun list of summer activities for kids and all ages to enjoy! Some more independently than others.

  1. Make a Lemonade Stand: Teach kids about entrepreneurship and customer service.
  2. Practice Origami
  3. Take Apart an Old Appliance: See how it works and learn about engineering.
  4. Go Stargazing: Enjoy a peaceful night under the stars.
  5. Plant a Flower or Vegetable Garden: A rewarding and educational activity.
  6. Play Frisbee Golf at the Park: Fun and active outdoor game.
  7. Serve Someone: Encourage kids to help others in need.
  8. Window Shopping at the Mall: Enjoy a day out without spending much.
  9. Visit Mom or Dad at Work: See where parents spend their day.
  10. Flag Football at Night: Fun and active family game.
  11. Water Sports: Do giant slip and slides count? Absolutely!
  12. Wash the Car: Turn a chore into a fun activity.
  13. Check Out a Free Museum: Learn and explore without spending money.
  14. Nickel Arcade: Affordable gaming fun.
  15. Go Bowling: Classic family-friendly activity.
  16. Eat Snow Cones: We have a machine, and it gets LOTS of love!

These summer activities for kids and families ensure that everyone can enjoy the season to the fullest. Whether it’s a big family outing or a simple at-home project, these activities will create lasting memories and plenty of fun.

As summer approaches, finding fun and engaging summer activities for kids is a top priority for many families. Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly options or exciting outings that require a bit more planning, there are endless possibilities to keep your kids entertained and happy. From creative crafts and outdoor adventures to educational trips and family bonding activities, this summer can be filled with memorable moments.

This guide provides a wide array of ideas that cater to all interests and age groups. Whether it’s building a cardboard box castle, going on a nature walk, or having a family movie night, these activities are designed to foster creativity, physical activity, and family togetherness. By planning ahead and incorporating a mix of simple and more involved activities, you can ensure that your kids have a fun and fulfilling summer.

Summer Activities for Kids in Ohio at Clever Bee Academy

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Our summer camp program provides a variety of hands-on experiences that encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, innovation, creativity, and collaboration. Enriching teacher-led projects stimulate child discovery through small and large group activities. Enroll your child today and give them the opportunity to make new friends, discover new interests, and create lasting memories.

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