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GET YOUR CHILD SCHOOL-READY with out preschool curriculum.

Our preschool classrooms provide full-day child care to meet children’s needs for continued growth and preparation into a key transition – entering kindergarten at the end of the program. We believe that preschool programs promote a healthy adjustment in this period, helping build healthy transitions and attachments in the future.

Your Child’s Day of Learning at Our School for 3 Year Olds and 4 Year Olds

The focus of our Preschool program is kindergarten readiness. Your child’s day is filled with fun learning activities, circle time, indoor and outdoor playtime, group meals, quiet activities, and rest time. Through individual or small groups, our 3-year-old and 4-year-old preschools guide children in their interest areas. They explore reading, songs, writing, math, and science with their teacher.

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During the year we also bring in special guests to read or teach something new to our children. Some of our guests have included community leaders, local farms, local police or fire departments, soccer workshops, and more.

Clever Bee Academy believes in opportunity for every child and is proud to partner with state-sponsored initiatives to offer early education programs that might not otherwise be available to certain students. Below, you’ll see a list of the child care programs we offer. These programs often vary by location. Check out the locations page to find out the specific programs offered by your preferred academy, and be sure to check other nearby locations as well.

At the end of the day, you receive a daily report with a summary of your child’s day. The sheet provides specific information on

  • The food they ate

  • The sleep they had

  • School readiness progress in five developmental areas

  • Learning activities your child participated in during the day

  • Important reminders or other information

As the time approaches for your child to graduate from our preschool programs, many of our sites offer transition workshops with information on how to register for kindergarten. Some even partner with local school districts and schools to help you prepare for this step.

Preschool graduation is an exciting time for you and your child. Our locations take time to celebrate this milestone with your family at the end of summer. This is the perfect time to begin thinking about any before and after-school care needs once your child attends school. Clever Bee Academy is proud to offer our communities before and after-school care at most of our locations. We also offer a remote learning program where we provide support for what your child learns from their Ohio online schools.

Every child is special and we take pride in providing the care and experiences your preschooler needs to appropriately transition into school. So, if you’ve been searching for “preschool programs near me,” Clever Bee Academy is your preschool of choice!

Childcare Payment and Funding

Clever Bee Academy accepts several forms of payment for rendered childcare services:

Childcare Payment and Funding information

Clever Bee accepts several forms of payment for rendered childcare services including:

  • Title XX/County Voucher
  • Private Pay

Title XX/County Voucher (Public Funded Childcare)

We accept Title XX/County Voucher which is issued by Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

Title XX Eligibility:

To qualify for a county voucher you must basic requirements

  1. Be legally employed and can provide proof of employment through pay-stubs, employment verification form or offer letter
  2. In accredited school or program where a class schedule can be provided and verified.

Signing up for Title XX

Clever Bee Academy will walk you through the Title XX application process and submit your application and additional documents to ODJFS at our center via fax or email. Schedule a meeting today to get started.

Title XX Form Downloads:

  • Title XX Income Eligibility – Title XX/County Voucher eligibility is based on household income to determine if you qualify and if co-pay is required.
  • Title XX Application : Please fill out  and submit Title XX application as soon as possible as it can take up to 30 days or more for initial Title XX application to be approved
  • Provider Change – For those who currently have Title XX but enrolled at a different center, a provider change for can be submitted for your services to move over to the Clever Bee Academy KinderConnect system.
Private Pay - Rate CardFees and Co-payments: Private fees are due each Monday of the week care is provided. Full weekly payment is due regardless of the number of days attended. Payment is not required for holidays and in-service days. There are no vacation days or weeks permitted.

Non-payment Policy: If paying private, care will be terminated if the client has not paid for two weeks. Pay is based on enrollment not attendance.

Returned Check Fee: Checks returned for insufficient funds, closed accounts or stopped payments will result in a $35.00 returned check charge. All future payments (including the $35.00 charge) will then be required to be made by cash, money order, credit card or certified check.

Visit us by scheduling a tour

Finding a new childcare provider is a big decision! Picking the best center for both their development and the well-being of your family might feel overwhelming. We’re here to help make this decision a bit easier. Schedule a tour to view our locations and talk to our educators.

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