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Infant care

Start Your Baby's Development with the Clever Bee Academy

Infants are born ready to learn and explore the world! Our infant child care classrooms are where child care begins and where your baby develops into a curious and active child. Purposeful play is integrated to every lesson to ensure your infant begins their path to learning with constructive and fun activities.

Your Baby’s Day in Clever Bee’s Infant Child Care Classroom

A typical day for babies in our infant child care centers includes time for play, story time, meals, sleep, and tummy time, as well as individual and group activities in the morning and afternoon. The day is full of quality interaction with teachers as your child develops social skills, motor skills, and learns to enjoy and trust their surroundings. Throughout the day we check to ensure diapers are changed as needed.

  • Free meals and formula


  • Safe and developmentally enriching caregiving


  • Activities that help infants acquire developmental skills

Parents can provide useful information to the teacher in the morning. At the end of the day, you will receive a daily report with information on your child. The daily report provides specific information such as:

  • Amount of food/formula they ate

  • Amount of sleep they had

  • Diaper changes

  • Tummy time

  • Learning activities your child participated in during the day

  • Important reminders of items to bring or other information

Every child is special and we take pride in providing the nurturing care your baby needs to develop and transition into our toddler school. So if you have been looking for “infant care near me” online, Brightside Academy Ohio is the best place to start!

Why Clever Bee?

  • Step up to quality-rated program
  • Kindergarten readiness program
  • TheraPeds – We partner with outside speech and occupational therapy practice to provide one-on-one education to our children to better develop them for their kindergarten
  • Qualified and skilled teachers that teach the Creative Curriculum to meet each child at their developmental level

Registration Process

  1. Schedule a tour
  2. Completed the Guardian Enrollment Checklist
  3. Turn in all documents on the Guardian Enrollment Checklist to the Center Director
  4. Director will schedule your child’s start date upon approval of all items on the Guardian Enrollment Checklist

Important Enrollment Application Documents

NOTE: All children in our early child care program are required to submit shot records and physical. School-agers are not required to submit shot records or physical. 

Childcare Payment and Funding

Clever Bee Academy accepts several forms of payment for rendered childcare services:

Childcare Payment and Funding information

Clever Bee accepts several forms of payment for rendered childcare services including:

  • Title XX/County Voucher
  • Private Pay

Title XX/County Voucher (Public Funded Childcare)

We accept Title XX/County Voucher which is issued by Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

Title XX Eligibility:

To qualify for a county voucher you must basic requirements

  1. Be legally employed and can provide proof of employment through pay-stubs, employment verification form or offer letter
  2. In accredited school or program where a class schedule can be provided and verified.

Signing up for Title XX

Clever Bee Academy will walk you through the Title XX application process and submit your application and additional documents to ODJFS at our center via fax or email. Schedule a meeting today to get started.

Title XX Form Downloads:

  • Title XX Income Eligibility – Title XX/County Voucher eligibility is based on household income to determine if you qualify and if co-pay is required.
  • Title XX Application : Please fill out  and submit Title XX application as soon as possible as it can take up to 30 days or more for initial Title XX application to be approved
  • Provider Change – For those who currently have Title XX but enrolled at a different center, a provider change for can be submitted for your services to move over to the Clever Bee Academy KinderConnect system.
Private Pay - Rate CardFees and Co-payments: Private fees are due each Monday of the week care is provided. Full weekly payment is due regardless of the number of days attended. Payment is not required for holidays and in-service days. There are no vacation days or weeks permitted.

Non-payment Policy: If paying private, care will be terminated if the client has not paid for two weeks. Pay is based on enrollment not attendance.

Returned Check Fee: Checks returned for insufficient funds, closed accounts or stopped payments will result in a $35.00 returned check charge. All future payments (including the $35.00 charge) will then be required to be made by cash, money order, credit card or certified check.

Need help? See our Family Resource Center

We wanted to share some helpful online content for you and your children. We have included links for educational resources, hygiene, activities, and virtual field trips as well as community-specific resources for meals and free internet.

How to enroll your child at Clever Bee Academy

We are excited you have decided to become a part of Clever Bee Academy. Learn more about our enrollment process and get a jump start on the process.

Start Your Baby's Development with the Clever Bee Academy

Fill out the enrollment form and one of our Clever Bee leaders will be in touch soon.

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