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Summer Camp


Clever Bee Academy offers engaging summer camps in Ohio for school-aged children from June through August. 

Let Your Child Have Fun While Learning at Our Ohio Summer Camps!

Our summer camp program provides a variety of hands-on experiences that encourage critical thinking, problem solving, innovation, creativity, and collaboration. Enriching teacher-led projects stimulate child discovery through small and large group activities.

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  • Early educational activities...


  • Fun activities that stimulate critical thinking and social interaction


  • A focus on life skills as well as education


  • Caring teachers, who monitor your child’s progress throughout the day

Clever Bee Summer Camps For All Children

As a leading provider of high-quality Ohio child care, Clever Bee Academy Ohio ensures that our methods and philosophies on teaching and child care extend year-round. That means helping to pick up the slack for busy parents in the summertime, giving their children a safe place to learn, grow, and have a whole lot of fun. With Clever Bee Academies in Northern Ohio, your child will be treated like an individual and cared for by a team of childcare professionals guided by proven methods.

Our summer camp programs offer inclusive programs that give your child the chance to learn in a fun environment and to stay active and socialize throughout the summer. The Clever Bee Academy offers parents of Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, and Toledo an environment where they know their children’s physical, mental, and developmental well-being are all being taken into account with integrated learning and age appropriate activities.

Why Clever Bee?

  • Step up to quality-rated program
  • Kindergarten readiness program
  • TheraPeds – We partner with outside speech and occupational therapy practice to provide one-on-one education to our children to better develop them for their kindergarten
  • Qualified and skilled teachers that teach the Creative Curriculum to meet each child at their developmental level

Registration Process

  1. Schedule a tour
  2. Completed the Guardian Enrollment Checklist
  3. Turn in all documents on the Guardian Enrollment Checklist to the Center Director
  4. Director will schedule your child’s start date upon approval of all items on the Guardian Enrollment Checklist

Important Enrollment Application Documents

NOTE: All children in our early child care program are required to submit shot records and physical. School-agers are not required to submit shot records or physical.

Visit us by scheduling a tour

Finding a new childcare provider is a big decision! Picking the best center for both their development and the well-being of your family might feel overwhelming. We’re here to help make this decision a bit easier. Schedule a tour to view our locations and talk to our educators.

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