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Frederick • Akron

Experience the best child care at Frederick

Experience the best child care in Frederick Blvd., Akron with Clever Bee Academy!

As a five-star child care and school readiness provider, rated by Step Up to Quality, the Clever Bee Academy is proud to offer its services in west Akron. We’re here for children from six- to 12-years-old and are conveniently located near Hawkins Plaza, House of the Lord, McDonald’s, Burger King, Washland Car Washes, and Imagine Academy. With an educated and caring staff, we provide a safe and nurturing environment.

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About Frederick

Clever Bee Academy-Frederick is an accredited Akron child care and school readiness provider in the Linden community. We service children from six weeks- to 12 years old and are conveniently located near Family Dollar, the police station, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and St. Stephens Community Center.

Damonica Huggins

Child Care in Frederick


My name is Damonica Huggins, I'm originally from Indianapolis Indiana, my family and I relocated to Akron Ohio 19 years ago. Within the 19 years of being in Ohio I've made some great achievements I received a master's degree in Christian Psychology & Christian Counseling, and I received my CDA (Child Development Associate).

I have experience in all age groups I have 4 children of my own and 5 grandchildren that keep me on my toes.

I have been in Early childhood Education for over 20 + years, during my career, I have worked in Indianapolis, and Ohio as an Assistant Director.  I've been with Clever Bee for four years now I started out as a Lead Toddler Teacher from there I advanced to the Lead Preschool 1 Teacher, I also severed as Infant 1 lead Teacher while in Infant 1 I decided to take Child Development Associate courses which I completed in less than a year. In 2018 I took on the roll as Program Lead Teacher and I believe that was the push that I needed to stay with Clever Bee Academy and take on more challenges.  Now I'm in another position still at the same location (Frederick)  so far this experience has been GOOD! 


Brightside Academy Ohio-Frederick is open from 6:00 am to 6:30 pm. Our location is convenient to working parents and families. Our building is right off the highway for easy drop-offs and pick-ups while commuting to work. In addition, COTA buses with routes traveling through South Hawkins Rd. and Diagonal Rd. service the area..

Explore additional Brightside Academy Ohio child care and education locations on our website.

For your convenience Clever Bee Academy accepts various forms of payment including government programs. We also accept cash, money orders, and credit cards.

Our programs

Children are born eager to learn. Clever Bee Academy’s program helps lead children to their full potential and prepares them for success in school and beyond. Kids enrolled at Clever Bee Academy – Cleveland Avenue Like receive FREE diapers and wipes while attending the academy!

Infant Program

6 weeks to 17 months

Infants are born ready to learn and explore the world! Our infant child care classrooms are where child care begins and where your baby develops into a curious and active child. Purposeful play is integrated into every lesson to ensure your infant begins their path to learning with constructive and fun activities.


18 months to 3 years

Toddlers are always on the go! Our toddler classrooms provide a safe environment where your child can explore and learn. Teachers promote self-care skills such as feeding, cleaning, and dressing. As you would expect from the best toddlers schools in the state, Clever Bee Academy Ohio will support your child’s large motor development and hand-eye coordination through a variety of activities such as kicking balls, tossing, writing, drawing, and lacing. Ultimately, we help prepare toddlers for the more challenging preschool programs.


3 to 4 years old

Welcome to Clever Bee Academy’s preschool program! Our preschool classrooms provide daytime child care to meet children’s needs for continued growth and preparation into a key transition – entering kindergarten at the end of the program. We believe that preschool programs promote a healthy adjustment in this period, helping build healthy transitions and attachments in the future.


5 to 12 years old

More than 70 percent of U.S. children have parents who work away from home, leaving 15 million youth unsupervised by adults when the school day ends. With Clever Bee Academy’s before and after-school care program, your kids can enjoy a safe environment to develop in as they wait for you before and after school.

Summer camp

June to August

Our summer camp program provides a variety of hands-on experiences that encourage critical thinking, problem solving, innovation, creativity, and collaboration. Enriching teacher-led projects stimulate child discovery through small and large group activities.

Before-and-after school Care

5 to 12 years old

Our program supports busy families with adult supervision and child care for their children when they are not in school.

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A: 1977 Cleveland Avenue Columbus, OH 43211

T: 614-294-2855

Monday – Friday
6:00am – 6:30pm



A: 1977 Cleveland Avenue Columbus, OH 43211

T: 614-294-2855

Monday – Friday
6:00am – 6:30pm