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According to a previous report by Child Care Aware of America, child care is one of the biggest expenses of families in the US. For some parents, the cost of child care is even higher than housing, food, transportation, and education. Furthermore, finding affordable yet high-quality child care is a challenge for many families.

When children are provided with high-quality child care and early education, they are able to explore and develop essential skills that make them more prepared for the world. Nurturing and safe children daycare centers that provide a friendly early learning environment also get them ready for big school. Unfortunately, these high-quality child care programs and institutions often come with a hefty price tag, which may prove too expensive for some families.

Still can’t choose daycare vs babysitter because of price? Now, here’s some good news: parents can apply and qualify for child care subsidies that will allow them to send their children to a quality daycare in Ohio.  In this post, Clever Bee Academy shares what you should know about the child care subsidies available to you.

Government Child Care Financial Assistance Programs

There are several types of financial assistance programs for child care from the government. These include the following:

Child Care Subsidies

Also called vouchers and daycare fee assistance, these subsidies help low-income families pay for their children’s daycare so they can go to school or work. States such as Ohio receive these funds from the federal government, which the state awards to qualifying families. Clever Bee Academy accepts child care subsidies or vouchers.

Head Start and Early Head Start Programs

In these programs, children from qualifying families get support for their social, emotional, and mental development. These programs give kids up to 5 years old access to free learning and development services.

State-Funded Preschool

Children ages 3 to 5 years old may also get their pre-kindergarten early childhood education from state-funded preschools. Programs vary from state to state.

Military Financial Assistance for Child Care

Eligible members of the military can also acquire child care fee assistance. Requirements vary depending on the branch of service.

Learn More About the Available Child Care Assistance Available for You

The Clever Bee Academy team understands that the financial aspect of child care and early education may pose a challenge to many parents. We’re here to help and guide you. Contact us so we can discuss in detail the child care subsidies and financial assistance you can use to ensure quality daycare and early childhood education for your little ones.

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