CEO & President

Ezra Beren

Ezra D. Beren is a dynamic CEO, advocate, and philanthropist recognized for his exceptional leadership and dedication to driving positive changes.  With a solid background in business management and finance, he has fueled growth and success across diverse organizations.
As a CEO of Clever Bee Academy, Ezra is instrumental in steering the organization toward success.  He spearheads strategic initiatives, liaises with stakeholders and government bodies, and ensures a unified vision to enhance education quality in underserved communities.  Ezra’s strategic acumen and risk management expertise enable him to set and achieve organizational goals while upholding the company’s mission.
Beyond his professional role, Ezra is a compassionate advocate involved in various charitable causes.  He volunteers for “Project Tomchei Sabbath of Rockland County” and assisting special needs children, and supports cancer research through the RCCS Cancer Research Fund.
Ezra enjoys being a Dad and Husband and focuses on enhancing the various communities he is involved.